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Born and raised in Porto, co-founder of a project to raise a pair of twin girls. We do what we can. IT Engineer that became manager. Always ready to optimize the next most important irrelevance in the world. I love sports and the good things in life, like my family, good grilled fish, craft beer and a good coffee on a nice sunny day. A musician that never learn how to be it, an occasional photographer, a writer with few stories to tell. In the level immediately before “nerd”, perfectly functional most of the times, obsessed with references, timeline mixtures and dystopias conveniently seasoned with the acidity of humor. A bittered believer in democracy and equality of rights, an ecologist on the rise and a feminist, because I want my daughters to live in a better world.


I would be lying if I kept saying Porto is perfect. Far from it. But it is home. It is beautiful. And it is us who should respect and care for it.


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The major in Computer Engineering took me to the world of banking. I started on web development. I attained an MBA to be prepared to answer the challenges my career would pose me. I became interested in linking business with IT. Then I became an IT architect and started thinking on the purposes of produced software. I’m an evangelist for agile methodologies and obsessed with partial but valid software delivery.


Some moments stay forever. Fortunately there is a way to register. And the cloud to keep them.


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